Not better, but different: Eye Acupuncture with laser

Not better, but different: Eye Acupuncture with laser (MKW Lasersystem)

Not better, but different: Eye Acupuncture with laser (MKW Lasersystem)

Needles or laser? The strengths of laser acupuncture compared to traditional needle acupuncture: For example, a more intense stimulation of the tissue with less pain. Children, adolescents and older patients benefit.

Background of laser acupuncture

A laser is light with a special physical property, a very high energy content as well as a high energy density per unit area, which results in a very good therapeutic effect.

In needle acupuncture, there is an intense stimulation of the acupuncture point with a peak that subsides after a relatively short time if no needle manipulation (readjusting the needle) is performed.

With laser stimulation, the energy in the tissue builds up slowly. It is a regulation therapy. By using the laser, energy is brought to the place of irradiation and there it is converted into biochemical energy.

This energy input stimulates and stabilizes the cellular metabolism of disturbed or damaged cells. The patient usually does not feel when the laser is switched on. As the treatment time increases, the energy density in the tissue increases and the stimulating effect on the acupuncture point intensifies.

Device for laser acupuncture from MKW Lasersystem GmbH (MKW Lasersystem)

Device for laser acupuncture from MKW Lasersystem GmbH (MKW Lasersystem)

Lasers can stimulate disturbed biological processes – one reason why laser is also called light vitamin. The energy balance of the body cell is significantly increased by the laser light. The self-healing mechanism of the tissue is accelerated, toxins are removed at an increased rate, and blood flow to the tissue is stimulated. Healing is accelerated, collagen fibers multiply.

Laser acupuncture is a combination of high-tech and tradition

Essential for the therapeutic success of the acupuncture scheme according to Prof. Boel is the intensive and simultaneous stimulation of the acupuncture points. This can be done traditionally with needles or with a laser.

The acupuncture needles as well as the laser stimulate the oxygen and nutrient supply of the retinal cells, promote the removal of metabolic waste products, inhibit inflammation and promote the regression of retinal edema in wet macular degeneration. Glaucomas with elevated intraocular pressure can often be improved, low-pressure glaucomas tend to respond poorly to treatment.

Generally somewhat more painful acupuncture such as Eye Acupuncture according to Boel

Especially with special acupunctures such as Eye Acupuncture according to John Boel, a point scheme specially adapted to eye diseases, the application of which can be rather unpleasant for some patients, laser acupuncture often makes treatment possible in the first place. This enables us to treat even children or very sensitive patients.

More and more children and adolescents come to the practice with eye problems or eye diseases. Partly caused by the increased use of smartphones or PCs.

Eye Acupuncture therapy for the generation over 65 years of age

The responsiveness of acupuncture points sometimes decreases in older patients. Then the laser is used. Laser acupuncture has a positive influence on degenerative tissue processes at the vascular-nerve bundles of acupuncture points. Often, patients who previously reacted rather hesitantly to acupuncture needles then respond to the laser.

Advantages of laser acupuncture at a glance

  • Laser acupuncture is painless.
  • Especially children and pain sensitive patients benefit from it
  • For older patients, laser acupuncture can work better than traditional acupuncture with needles
  • Laser acupuncture allows shorter treatment times – should this be desired or necessary

Which works better, the laser or the needle?

From my experience, I can not say what works better. The needle as well as the laser shows its effect. I like to work traditionally and that includes the needle. But I would never want to treat children with acupuncture needles and here the laser does a wonderful job.

I also tend to work with the laser with adolescents or patients who are very sensitive to pain. And with older patients who react hesitantly to the acupuncture needles, I use the laser in the second week and I notice that the body reacts more intensively to this stimulus. So you can’t say it in general, it is a feeling of the therapist with which tool he wants to treat the patient.

Ophthalmological check-ups are necessary on a regular basis, acupuncture therapy as well as laser acupuncture complements ophthalmological therapy.

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