In his book, Prof. John Boel describes the acupuncture system he has developed for chronic and degenerative eye diseases. John Boel also feels it is his duty to constantly research possible improvements to the treatment.

Augenakupunktur Noll has developed an integrated treatment concept for patients with various chronic and degenerative eye diseases over the past years.

Eye acupuncture the foundation for the treatment of chronic and degenerative eye diseases

The foundation of the treatment concept is eye acupuncture according to John Boel. Further pillars of the treatment concept are:

Infusion therapy

Infusion therapy consists of various vitamin and mineral infusions. John Boel once said about this: We can acupuncture as much as we want, if there is a deficit on the level of vitamins and minerals, the effect of acupuncture is very limited.


The right diet for eye diseases is always an important and interesting topic for the patient. It is advisable to explain what, for example, animal proteins can do to our bodies, why too much acid is so harmful and why a smoothie from the refrigerated section does not have the same effect as a freshly juiced juice.

The book by Prof. John Boel

The Medicine of the Future (John Boel)

The Medicine of the Future (John Boel)

This is the link to order the book:

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