Eye pain or headache can be a Glaucoma symptom

Eye pain or headache are possible Glaucoma symptoms

Eye pain or headache are possible Glaucoma symptoms

Affected individuals may experience intermittent pain in the area of the eyes or head. It is important to note that not every patient with Glaucoma will have this symptom. It can vary from person to person.

Pain inside the eye or in the periphery of the eye

The eye pain that occurs can manifest itself as a dull, pressing pain or as a slight pulling or discomfort. The pain may be felt inside the eye and sometimes also occur in the area of the forehead or temples.

Affected people sometimes describe this pain as “eye feels heavy” or “feeling of pressure in the eye”.

Headache perceived as pressure and tightness – or directly in the eye area

Headaches associated with Glaucoma can also vary. They may present as tension headaches that affect the entire head and are often described as a feeling of pressure or tightness.

In some cases, however, the headache may be concentrated in the eye area, accompanied by an increased perception of intraocular pressure.

Free E-book on Glaucoma by Augenakupunktur NollThis Glaucoma symptom is not infrequently coupled with other Glaucoma symptoms

It is important to emphasise that occasional eye pain or headaches are not specific to Glaucoma and may have many other possible causes.

However, they should not be ignored, especially when they occur in combination with other possible Glaucoma symptoms, such as visual deterioration, reduced peripheral vision or changes in colour vision.

Redness of the eye

Redness of the eye belongs to the group of possible Glaucoma symptoms.

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