The symptoms of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) at a glance

About five million people in Germany alone suffer from AMD. The disease predominantly occurs from the mid-50s onwards and is the main cause of visual impairment and blindness in Germany, accounting for 50% of all cases.

This is more or less how patients with macular degeneration see their surroundings. Above: with AMD. Below: healthy eye

This is more or less how patients with macular degeneration see their surroundings. Above: with AMD. Below: healthy eye

What exactly happens in the case of macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration is a disease of the retina. This structure belongs to the very complex and functionally intensive inner part of the eye. Here the visual cells convert the incoming light signals into nerve impulses. This process consumes a great deal of energy and oxygen to ensure that it runs smoothly.

The vicious circle begins when the optic cells are not sufficiently supplied

At an advanced age or when the body’s own healing abilities are dysfunctional, the retina in the area of the so-called “yellow spot” is poorly supplied. This is also where the “point of sharpest vision” is located. Impairments in this area initially lead to impaired vision with the loss of visual acuity in the central area of the visual field.

The formation of drusen is a symptom of macular degeneration

Due to the lack of oxygen and energy, the supply of the photoreceptors and the removal of metabolic products comes to stagnation. The deposits form so-called drusen, which impair the flow even more. Untreated, macular degeneration leads to the gradual decease of the cells and loss of central vision.

The typical symptoms of the disease macular degeneration

You can most often recognise age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by the absence of certain image content, especially in the central area of vision. When reading, letters or words seem to be missing, the outlines of a person’s head are visible, but not the face itself.

Straight lines, such as fences or house walls, appear bent or curved. If you notice these symptoms, you should go to an eye doctor immediately.

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The symptoms of macular degeneration at a glance

  • visual impairment with loss of visual acuity in the central part of the visual field
  • Drusen formation can lead to gradual cell death and loss of central vision
  • Lack of certain image content – mainly in the central visual region
  • Straight lines and structures are perceived to be bent or curved

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