Ten tips for light and lighting for macular degeneration

The most important 10 tips for light and lighting for macular degeneration in the home

The most important 10 tips for light and lighting for macular degeneration in the home

Good lighting can be extremely effective in making everyday life easier. Many people with visual impairment, such as macular degeneration, are not aware of this.

Patients suffering from macular degeneration find it increasingly difficult to read, and household activities also require a great deal of effort. The right lighting can provide relief for those affected.

Ten tips for light and lighting in the home, office and workplace with macular degeneration

  1. The basic illumination of the entire apartment should be uniform, sufficiently bright, glare-free, low-shadow and flicker-free.
  2. Indirect lighting over bright walls and ceilings is well suited for dark parts of the room or as a supplement.
  3. Test whether you do better with cold or warm light.
  4. Where there is work, reading and tinkering, additional work space lighting is needed.
  5. Choose luminaires where there is no direct view of the light source
  6. Try to reduce glare, for example by using louvers or curtains on windows, matte floors and work surfaces.
  7. Dimmable luminaires are a good way to respond to different lighting conditions and changes in lighting needs.
  8. Motion sensors that automatically turn on lights when you enter a room are often a better solution than light switches.
  9. Don’t place lighting under wall cabinets too far back. Lights in cabinets make it easier to find clothes, for example.
  10. In many situations, a headlamp is useful. On the road, flashlights and small, foldable lights are helpful.

Good reasons for better lighting in macular degeneration

  • Optimizing light can improve visual acuity, contrast perception and reading speed.
  • A good lighting solution leads to an increase in independence, reduces the risk of accidents and also enables faster orientation.
  • Even small changes in lighting influence spatial perception, psychological well-being and health.

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