Is the glaucoma curable? Chances of cure and an outlook

Is the glaucoma curable? Early detection and treatment can halt progression, preserving vision effectively.

Is the glaucoma curable? Early detection and treatment can halt progression, preserving vision effectively.

It is possible to reduce intraocular pressure, which can help to slow down or halt the progressive loss of vision. However, it is important to understand that glaucoma cannot be cured, as any damage to the optic nerve that has already occurred is irreversible.

Research in the field of glaucoma is showing promising developments. Researchers around the world are working intensively on more effective treatment options that could potentially lead to a cure in the future. Here are some of the major research programmes that are already producing promising results.

New approaches to medication

There are ongoing advances in the field of medication, including contact lenses that can deliver medication and micropumps that could eliminate the need for daily eye drops.

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Genetic and cellular regeneration therapies

Current experiments in this area raise hopes that these therapies could help to prevent or even reverse damage to the optic nerve tissue in the future.

Cataract surgery

There is promising evidence that cataract surgery can effectively treat glaucoma.

Innovative stents

New stents are available that can be inserted in the ophthalmologist’s surgery using a simple syringe, eliminating the need for costly surgery.

Other technologies

In addition to contact lens-based drug delivery systems, there are contact lenses to monitor intraocular pressure, implantable drug pumps, special glasses to magnify the field of vision and technologies that can transmit visual signals directly to the brain. These developments show promising ways in which glaucoma could be treated more effectively in the future.

Improved treatment options and chances of a cure for Glaucoma

While conventional medicine is constantly looking for improved treatment methods for Glaucoma, the practice Augenakupunktur Noll offers a unique combination of traditional and innovative approaches for the treatment of chronic and degenerative eye diseases with the Integrated Eye Therapy according to Noll.

This therapy includes:

  1. Comprehensive anamnesis: The basis of every treatment to understand the patient’s individual needs and specific health conditions.
  2. Eye acupuncture according to Prof. Boel: Targeted acupuncture techniques specifically developed to alleviate eye complaints are at the centre of this treatment.
  3. Customised infusions: Customised infusion therapies support the healing process and strengthen the general state of health.
  4. Specialised physiotherapy: Physiotherapeutic measures to improve the function of the eye muscles and the general mobility of the eye.

Over the past 13 years, the practice has not only built up an international patient base, but has also received a great deal of positive feedback from patients confirming the effectiveness of these methods.

In the context of research into the chances of curing glaucoma, Integrated Eye Therapy according to Noll could represent a complementary treatment that combines traditional and new approaches to combat the progressive loss of vision more effectively.

Treatment of degenerative eye diseases

Integrated eye therapy according to Noll is based on four elements

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