How Glaucoma develops and how it can be treated

Measurement of intraocular pressure for glaucoma

Measurement of intraocular pressure for glaucoma

How does the Ophthalmologist treat Glaucoma?

The classic, medical treatment of glaucoma begins with medication, i.e. various eye drops, to lower the intraocular pressure and thus prevent visual damage and blindness. Therapy with eye drops can cause side effects such as itching and redness. Some active ingredients and medications – such as beta blockers – stress the cardiovascular system and breathing.

Other Treatment Methods: Laser or Surgery

Laser treatment or surgery is used when it is not possible to solve the problems with medication. The laser punches a small hole in the iris to drain the excess water. In eye surgery, the anterior chamber of the eye is opened to allow the fluid to be drained via the vessels.

Free E-book on Glaucoma by Augenakupunktur NollPossible Risks and Side Effects of Laser or Surgery

With both procedures (laser or surgery) an attempt is made to improve the outflow of aqueous humor. The risks involved in these treatments: Scarring and secondary symptoms such as bleeding or the total drop in eye pressure as a result of the operation.

More Information about Glaucoma

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