Eye Acupuncture: 2nd element of the Integrated Eye Therapy according to Noll

Integrated Eye Therapy according to Noll - Eye AcupunctureHow Eye Acupuncture according to Prof. Boel helps to maintain eyesight and regain visual function

Nowadays, the possibilities of eye medicine to treat cataracts, for example, are quite advanced. A small operation is sufficient: The opacified lens is replaced by an artificial eye lens. Most patients regain their ability to see well and without limitations. Solely in Germany this operation is performed 700,000 times a year.

In the case of degenerative, chronic eye diseases, ophthalmology does not have any simple solutions. From the perspective of many ophthalmologists, these diseases are usually incurable. An alternative procedure to conventional medicine is offered by naturopathy with eye acupuncture. However, the supervision by your ophthalmologist must still be guaranteed.

Eye Acupuncture according to Prof. Boel for macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and retinal degeneration

The needles are never placed on or in the eye.

The needles are never placed on or in the eye.

Prof. Dr. John Boel, who is based in Aulum, Denmark, developed the method of eye acupuncture around 1980 and first presented it in Germany in 1996. It is a therapeutic procedure of naturopathy, which is mainly used for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma.

The needles are never placed in or around the eyes

In eye acupuncture, the needles are never placed in or around the eyes. The trigger points defined by Boel are located on the forehead, on the joints of hands and feet and on the knees.

Boel’s eye acupuncture contains elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Japanese ECIWO method and Korean acupuncture. The acupuncture methods are combined depending on the respective indication in order to improve the chances of healing.

What are the success rates of Eye Acupuncture according to Prof. Boel?

Prof. Boel’s method has been successful in treating diseases such as macular degeneration, AMD, glaucoma, thromboses in the eye, alterations to the optic nerve and damage to the eye muscle. The eye disease was not only stopped, but many patients showed significant improvements.

The Boel family now runs several clinics in Denmark (e.g. Akunova Clinic) with an international clientele. Prof. Boel and his son train therapists, doctors and alternative practitioners worldwide in this treatment method.

Michaela Noll was also personally trained by Prof. John Boel and regularly attends his seminars. Conventional medicine and naturopathy can work together for the benefit of the patients.

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The four elements of Integrated Eye Therapy according to Noll

  1. Anamnesis
  2. Eye Acupuncture
  3. Infusion Therapy
  4. Physiotherapy

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