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Treating Glaucoma holistically – When not only the eyes are under pressure

Why this book? In this book Michaela Noll has summarised her many years of experience with degenerative, chronic eye diseases, especially glaucoma.

On the one hand, the book provides compact and comprehensive knowledge about the disease. On the other hand, we inform you in detail about the Integrated Eye Therapy according to Noll and let our patients have their say.

  • Download the book easily as PDF
  • Designed to be reader-friendly
  • Complex medical facts are presented in an easily understandable way
  • All pages are easy to print
  • The book contains links to more detailed information
  • If you download the book for relatives or friends, you can also forward the entire PDF.

The e-book is 100% free and was created with a lot of love. ❤️


The E-Book: Treating Glaucoma holistically – download it now for free!