Tunnel vision or reduced field of vision a potential Glaucoma symptom

Tunnel vision or a narrowed field of vision is a symptom of Glaucoma

Tunnel vision or a narrowed field of vision is a symptom of Glaucoma

Tunnel vision or a narrowed field of vision is a glaucoma symptom and a characteristic feature of Glaucoma.

Restricted field of vision

In which the affected person’s field of vision gradually narrows and peripheral vision becomes impaired. This restriction of the field of vision results in the person only being able to perceive the central area, while the lateral areas of the field of vision gradually become blurred or can no longer be seen at all.

Good visibility only in the central field of view

When someone suffers from “tunnel vision”, it may feel as if they are looking through a narrow tunnel or pipe, with the central field of vision remaining relatively clear, while the surroundings at the sides may gradually fade.

Sufferers can still recognise objects or people in their central field of vision, while they have difficulty perceiving objects or movement at the edges of their field of vision.

Similar to the Glaucoma symptom “visual field loss”, the brain compensates for the impairment

Tunnel vision can worsen over time if glaucoma is left untreated or not properly controlled. However, it is important to note that not all people with glaucoma have these specific symptoms.Free E-book on Glaucoma by Augenakupunktur Noll

Some people may notice mild or no visual symptoms, especially in the early stages of the disease, as the brain is able to compensate for the lack of peripheral vision and compensate for the loss.

Visual field perimetry methods the means of choice for diagnosis

A regular eye examination by an ophthalmologist is crucial to detect glaucoma early and quantify the visual field loss.

The ophthalmologist uses special tests for this, such as the visual field perimetry procedure, which measures the extent of visual field loss and monitors the progress of the disease.

Reduced contrast vision

This Glaucoma symptom carries a potential risk of accidents or falls

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