By what symptoms do you recognize glaucoma (cataract)?

Symtoms of glaucoma (cataract)

Symtoms of glaucoma (cataract)

Characteristic for glaucoma is that it shows almost no symptoms. Thus, early detection is only possible through an ophthalmological screening. The measurement of the intraocular pressure and the determination of the visual field enable a reliable diagnosis.

By the way, both examinations are completely painless. Only at a very advanced stage do symptoms occur and vision becomes limited.

FreeFree E-book on Glaucoma by Augenakupunktur NollPossible symptoms of glaucoma: reddened eyes, headache, blurred vision, visual disturbances, visual field defects

The increased intraocular pressure significantly disturbs the blood supply and nutrition of the sensitive nerve cells in the eye. Symptoms can include: reddened eyes, headaches, blurred vision and visual disturbances, so-called visual field defects.

If glaucoma goes unnoticed or is not adequately treated, the affected person may even lose their vision completely.