Can eye injuries be a cause of Glaucoma?

Direct injury to the eye can indirectly lead to an increase in intraocular pressure.

Direct injury to the eye can indirectly lead to an increase in intraocular pressure.

The importance of eye injuries as a cause of glaucoma is an important aspect to consider in ophthalmology.

Although the exact cause of glaucoma is often not always due to a specific eye injury, traumatic eye injuries can play a role, especially if they affect the trabecular meshwork or other structures in the eye.

Mechanical damage to the trabecular meshwork as a possible cause of Glaucoma

Direct injury to the eye from a blow, accident or other type of trauma can damage the trabecular meshwork. The trabecular meshwork is a crucial part of the outflow pathway for aqueous humour from the eye.

When it is damaged, the outflow can be obstructed, which can lead to an increase in intraocular pressure. Increased intraocular pressure is one of the main factors in glaucoma.

Free E-book on Glaucoma by Augenakupunktur NollInflammatory reactions as a possible Glaucoma cause

An eye injury can cause inflammation in the eye, affecting the trabecular meshwork and other tissues. Chronic inflammation can block the normal outflow of aqueous humour and increase pressure in the eye.

Cataract surgery and other procedures can be a cause of Glaucoma

Eye surgery, such as cataract surgery, can also increase the risk of glaucoma.

Although modern cataract surgery is usually safe, there is still a small risk of complications that can affect the trabecular meshwork and interfere with aqueous humour outflow.

Indirect effects as a possible cause of Glaucoma

Sometimes an eye injury can cause other problems in the eye that increase the risk of glaucoma.

For example, a detached retina or bleeding in the eye can cause a change in the structure of the eye and obstruct the normal drainage of aqueous humour.

To help prevent a cause of glaucoma: prevention is better than cure!

People who have suffered an eye injury should therefore be regularly presented to an ophthalmologist in order to detect possible complications at an early stage.

In addition, prevention of eye injuries is of great importance, especially in activities or occupations with an increased risk of injury.

Wearing protective eyewear or other appropriate protective measures can help reduce the risk of eye injury and minimise possible eye effects and the risk of glaucoma. Please be mindful of your eye health.

Overlap with other diseases

Diabetes, for example, is considered a possible indirect cause of glaucoma.

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