Significant improvement in patient Dagmar B., 75, from Bad Homburg / Germany. On the left, the image before the treatment of dry macular degeneration. On the right, the current OCT image.

We are pleased to be able to share another piece of positive news from our practice with you. Mrs Dagmar B., 75 years old from Bad Homburg / Germany, is our patient with a diagnosis of dry macular degeneration. We immediately started individualised treatment.

Thanks to modern imaging techniques at the ophthalmologist’s, we were able to document the progression of the disease precisely. Mrs B. brought a current OCT image with her so that we could compare the condition of her retina before and after treatment

The OCT images show a reduction in dry macular degeneration and successful macular degeneration treatment

When looking at the OCT images, two things immediately stand out:

The first image from 22/08/2023 shows an irregular retina that does not lie flat due to the drusen.
The OCT image from 26 February 2024 – 6 months later – shows significant improvements in the area of the macula: the macula lies much flatter against the pigment layer and the underlying choroid.

Successful treatment of wet macular degeneration - the full patient report

Successful treatment of dry macular degeneration – the full patient report

This case emphasises the importance and effectiveness of our therapeutic approach in the treatment of eye diseases and dry macular degeneration in particular.

By working closely with our patient, who regularly performs breathing exercises at home, has changed her diet, takes nutritional supplements and regularly attends eye acupuncture, we and the patient are able to achieve corresponding changes in the eye.

Taking dietary supplements and targeted eye training to support macular degeneration treatment

In order to support Mrs Dagmar B.’s treatment success in the long term, she was advised to take specific nutritional supplements and do exercises for targeted eye muscle training. We are particularly grateful to Mrs Dagmar B. for generously giving us access to her original medical records.

This positive development in Mrs Dagmar B.’s case reinforces our confidence in the effectiveness of the Integrated Eye Therapy according to Noll. We remain committed to supporting patients on their journey to improved vision and celebrate each individual’s progress.

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