Bach flower therapy has been an integral part of naturopathy for over 80 years. Its basic principles and the production of Bach flower essences are based on the methods of homeopathy. The aim of every treatment is the restoration and harmonisation of dysregulated physical and mental processes.

The Basic Idea of Bach Flower Therapy – Body and Soul Forming One Unit

Bach flower therapy was developed as early as the beginning of the 1930s by the British doctor Dr. Edward Bach. It is based on the assumption that the energy of the Bach flowers can be transferred to people and their psychological states in the form of vibrations.

According to their holistic concept, the Bach flowers include the organism in its entirety. Every physical illness has its cause in mental disharmonies. These manifest themselves as psychological disease patterns such as exaggerated anxiety, feelings of guilt and an increased, sometimes aggressive will to assert oneself.

Dr Bach defined a total of 38 such states of mental imbalance. Each of them can be a trigger for physical as well as mental illnesses or block their healing. Dr Bach assigned 38 different plants to these states, from which the essences to be used are extracted. Due to their energetic vibrations, the Bach flowers act as a catalyst and link between the physical, mental and spiritual levels. The inner balance is harmonised by the flowers, blockages dissolve and health is restored.

The Application Levels of Bach Flower Therapy

These are the areas of application of Bach Flower Therapy:

  • Mental health care to cope with everyday problems. Furthermore, it serves to harmonise behavioural patterns that have become unbalanced, to develop the personality and to strengthen the soul and spirit.
  • Supportive therapy for constructive coping with crisis situations, grief, stress, relationship problems, problems at school and others.
  • Treatment of acute or chronic illnesses as a supplement to conventional therapy methods. Special indications are: Illnesses with psychovegetative symptoms such as sleep disorders, headaches, migraines and skin diseases. Bach Flower Therapy is also used to provide psychological support for patients who are about to undergo or have undergone surgery. Furthermore, it is used as a supplementary measure for birth prevention and birth support.

This natural healing method of Bach flowers is also used in ophthalmology. Here, two Bach flowers provide valuable services in the supportive treatment of conjunctivitis of the eye. In gynaecology, the essences of the Bach flowers have proven their worth for various complaints and symptoms.

Bach Flower Therapy as a Holistic Concept in My Practice

I would therefore like to invite you to a consultation in my practice. Here you can get information and with compassion and without time pressure I analyse your complaints. Only after a careful evaluation do I draw up your individual treatment plan based on the medical history.

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