In the 90s, a new treatment system, eye acupuncture, was born. The new science was given the name Acupuncture 2000, but as many confused it with Chinese acupuncture, Acupuncture 2000 was changed to AcuNova, which means “New Acupuncture”.

Prof. John Boel praktiziert Augenakupunktur an Patientin

Prof. John Boel practices eye acupuncture on a patient (Prof. John Boel)

Discovery of Eye Acupuncture

The Danish acupuncturist John Boel discovered that there are points in and around all joints that are extremely effective in treating pain, organic diseases and so-called incurable eye diseases – even in cases where medical science has advised: “You must learn to live with it”.

Prof John Boel, along with a handful of scientists, spent a lot of time researching the new system. They took points from different acupuncture systems and put them together into a therapeutic concept. As the research progressed, they realised that AcuNova contained unique potentials not seen before in the known health system.

Dissemination of Acupuncture

A lot has happened since the spread of this new treatment method. 4,000 alternative practitioners, doctors and other medical professionals from around 50 countries have learned AcuNova, eye acupuncture.

Talks about AcuNova have been held at international conferences in China, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Norway and Sri Lanka- where scientists from over 100 countries came together to learn together. Participants were very enthusiastic about AcuNova and John Boel was the first in the world to be awarded the title “Acupuncturist of the Century” for his discovery.

Over 250,000 patients are now treated with the acupuncture system every week worldwide.

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