According to studies, 98 percent of all 5-6 year-olds in Europe actually have very good eyesight. So at the beginning of our lives it is still good. But already 20 to 25 % of 15-year-old children or adolescents are short-sighted. So what happens during the first years of school?

It has been shown that school difficulties are often the reason for vision problems in children. As a parent, you should make sure to give your child psychological help at the first signs of vision problems, because often myopia occurs when the child is stressed. With eye training, we can support your child in improving or stopping the myopia.

Myopia in Children and Lens Correction

Short-sightedness is usually corrected with prescription lenses. The lens thickness is determined by an ophthalmologist or optician. However, if the lenses are very thick in the case of severe myopia, this can lead to severe reduction of the image on the retina. There is no medical risk with glasses. However, incorrectly measured or incorrectly made spectacles can lead to sensory disturbances such as headaches and, in rare cases, eye pain. A new lens correction usually corrects the problem immediately.

Naturopathy for Myopia

How can naturopathy help with myopia? Naturopaths believe that wearing glasses all the time makes the eyes worse. Every myopic person knows that their vision problem started with a low grade myopia and the more they got used to wearing glasses, the more often new and stronger lenses became necessary. Thus, the constant wearing of fully corrected glasses probably prevents the eyes from self-healing. In modern eye training, it is therefore recommended to only use undercorrected glasses in everyday life or to do without glasses from time to time in cases of slight short-sightedness of up to two dioptres. Of course, this does not apply to situations where full correction is required by law or for safety reasons, such as in road traffic.

In naturopathy, short-sightedness is treated differently depending on the stage and progress.

Eye Training for Myopia

Myopia in children can be treated with naturopathy (Fotolia)

Myopia in children can be treated with naturopathy (Fotolia)

Especially for children in primary school, prophylaxis through eye training is most important; there is eye stretching and eye rolling. Children up to the age of 10 should complete a 10- to 15-minute training programme for the eyes in a playful way every day together with their parents in a relaxed setting.

Teach your child to look into the distance regularly. Make sure that your child does not spend too much time in front of the television or computer screen. Vitamin-rich food in the form of fruit and vegetables is an absolute must for children. If there is an allergy to different types of fruit, intestinal rehabilitation is helpful in many cases.

In addition to the eye exercises, homeopathic remedies are also used. The appropriate remedy can be found out through anamnesis.

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