Patient with macular degeneration reports about her experience

A patient reports about her experience with eye acupuncture according to Boel in the acupuncture clinic Noll.

Acupuncture therapy for eye diseases

The patient presents to Augenakupunktur Noll in 2015. Her ophthalmologist diagnosed macular degeneration, wet and dry form, as well as glaucoma (glaucoma) and cataract.

The patient initially refused the injections into the eye with the wet form. During the two-week initial treatment phase of the acupuncture therapy according to Boel, the patient showed an improvement in her vision after only a few days.

Help with macular degeneration (AMD – age-related macular degeneration) through Eye Acupuncture

Finally we could stop the wet form of macular degeneration, the eye with the dry form stabilized and there was a measurable improvement of vision. The intraocular pressure has remained stable so far. The patient has not had any injections to date. The ophthalmologist is also satisfied with the situation and sees no need for further action.

Experience with post-treatment eye acupuncture for dry and wet macular degeneration

The patient is very disciplined and comes since the 14-day intensive treatment at least 1x a month for an acupuncture refresher. Read also, about the eye acupuncture experience of other patients.

For example, a patient diagnosed with photoreceptor atrophy and pigment epithelial shift of the retina reports “improvement of visual acuity by one diopter and attenuation of the blind spot”.

If you are affected yourself and suffer from macular degeneration or glaucoma, I will be happy to advise you on the treatment options with Boel’s eye acupuncture.

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