Children in Third World countries who suffer from cataracts are being helped by an initiative of the Otfried Preußler Primary School. The children of the 4th grade at the Otfried Preußler Primary School in Bad Soden demonstrated their artistic skills during this year’s project week and created beautiful paintings on canvases (50×70 cm). The eyes were the main focus here. This topic was also taken up in other classes and integrated into the regular art lessons.

Background: Cataract in Children

A cataract is a opacity of the lens of the eye that is transparent in the healthy eye. It is not uncommon for this disease to be inherited in babies and children. The clouding affects a part or the whole lens – both eyes or only one eye. If the opacity is severe, the defect is noticed as a bright spot in the dark pupil. It may also be accompanied by an increased sensitivity of the child to glare. A shift in the vision line of the affected eye is possible.

Project Week of the Otfried Preußler Primary School, Bad Soden

The artworks of the young artists have become so impressive that they can now be admired as part of the Summer Night Festival in Bad Soden am Taunus.

  • When: 18.8.18 from 2 – 6 pm
  • Where: Foyer Badehaus – old Park of the Health Resort Bad Soden

The official opening ceremony will take place at 3 pm. Dr. Blasch, Mayor of Bad Soden, has also been invited.

Otfried Preußler Primary School project week on cataracts (OPG)

Otfried Preußler Primary School project week on cataracts (OPG)

The school has had postcards printed with the motifs of the paintings and is offering them for sale. The Otfried Preußler Primary School will donate the proceeds from this sale to the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM). According to the school, the donations will be used for children in Third World countries who suffer from cataracts.

Aid for Children with Cataracts in Developing Countries

Because people blinded by cataracts can have their sight restored through an operation. Average costs in developing countries: 30 euros, for children around 125 euros because of the general anaesthetic.

On the initiative of CBM and in close cooperation with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the worldwide campaign VISION 2020 – the right to eyesight – was launched in 1999 to curb avoidable blindness. A special focus is on combating the cause of blindness, cataracts.

You can also purchase the postcards in the Noll practice. Here, too, the proceeds will of course be donated to the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM).

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