The optimal fit of the atlas of our first cervical vertebra ensures the natural symmetry of the spine and allows us to turn our head freely to the left and right. Misrotation of the vertebra can lead to a variety of complaints – e.g. dizziness and visual disturbances.

The atlas – the spinal column’s clock generator

The Atlas Vertebra (Heike Göring)

The Atlas Vertebra (© AtlasOptimal®)

Together with the occiput and the second cervical vertebra, the axis, the atlas vertebra forms a special functional unit of our musculoskeletal system. The correct position of the atlas vertebra ensures the natural symmetry of the spine – the body is thus in a harmonious balance.

If the atlas is in a malposition in the first upper cervical joint, then the second upper cervical joint cannot rotate symmetrically. The possible consequence: rotational instability of the cervical spine, which can lead to a variety of complaints.

Atlas correction according to the AtlasOptimal® method

AtlasOptimal - Practice for Atlas Correction (Heike Göring)

© AtlasOptimal® – Practice for Atlas Correction

Improving the health and quality of life of her patients – with this aim, alternative practitioner Heike Göring has developed a procedure for correcting the atlas. She herself suffered from dizziness for years because conventional medical therapies could not help her. She finally found help with the Swiss atlas expert René C. Schümperli – and decided to learn his method of atlas correction herself. In 2004, she opened a practice in Frankfurt am Main and introduced the Schümperli method for atlas treatment in Germany for the first time.

On the basis of years of physical examinations, she constantly refined the palpation findings as well as Schümperli’s treatment method and developed the AtlasOptimal® method, which is intended to stimulate the body’s self-healing process.

A Personal Experience Report: Experience with Eye Acupuncture According to Prof. John Boel

Due to severe and painful tension in the forehead region, Heike Göring had eye acupuncture performed by Michaela Noll according to Prof. John Boel. She was also given infusions. “The result of the treatment completely exceeded my expectations,” she concludes after completing the therapy. “My forehead and eye muscles have completely relaxed and my complaints have disappeared. In addition, my vision has improved significantly – both in terms of near and far vision.” The atlas specialist sees eye acupuncture as a useful addition to atlas treatment – for example, eye acupuncture has helped her to enjoy everyday life again without discomfort.

Further information on atlas treatment using the AtlasOpimal® method:

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