The metabolic marker homocysteine plays an important role in the treatment of macular degeneration. If it has an increased level in the lab test, there is a greater risk of developing macular degeneration.

Increased homocysteine levels have been found in patients with wet macular degeneration, for example.

Homocysteine is a harmful protein building block that is produced in the body as a waste product. Numerous medicines, but also diet, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine can increase the homocysteine level. In a young and healthy person who is sufficiently supplied with vitamins and nutrients, homocysteine is quickly broken down into harmless substances.

Acid-alkaline Status

The regulation of the acid-base balance is necessary. Acidosis is an important part of the clogging of the fundamental substance, it prevents the elimination of environmental toxins, heavy metals and metabolic end products, among other things.

Poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise and taking certain medicines are also responsible for this imbalance. Metabolic processes can only run properly if the necessary pH value is maintained.

Vitamin Deficiency

B vitamins such as folic acid, B6, B12 should be available to the body in sufficient quantities. That is why a vitamin status is also recommended. B vitamins have a special significance in addition to the protection of nerve cells. With them, the harmful homocysteine can be lowered to non-harmful levels in most cases.

It is important to understand that the macula is a place with extremely high vitamin and nutrient requirements. If the eye no longer receives these nutrients in sufficient quantities because the body is busy with other processes, i.e. through reduced detoxification, through over-acidification, through harmful substances that the blood cannot properly remove, there is a steady decline in the supply of nutrients.

For example, premature cataracts can be an indication of a vitamin deficiency.

Patients who are taking long-term medication often have a major vitamin and nutrient deficiency.

The Excretory Organs – Liver and Kidneys

Liver and kidney values should be monitored. They have the important task of eliminating toxic substances. If these organs are weakened, they can no longer do their daily work properly and need support.

It is also interesting to know that the eye is part of the liver meridian. Eye diseases can also be caused by a disturbance on the liver meridian. I.e. hip joint problems, knee problems, liver diseases, dental problems can also be possible troublemakers. Take a look at the course of the liver-gall meridian.

Pay attention to the amount of water you drink every day, because water keeps the basic substance clean.

If you have questions about lab results concerning your macular degeneration, please make an appointment in our practice and we will advise you. The “cleaner” the system is, the better it responds to further measures.

It must be emphasised that regulating therapies can only be of lasting success if a basic detoxification of the basic substance is taken into account. It is therefore worth investing in your body.

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